New Primals "Horse Girl Energy" LP


Don't forget these...

This Minneapolis trio bashes out wild-eyed noise-rock-dance-punk, for fans of the AmRep and Three One G catalogs.

Stream the album and buy it, here (all Bandcamp sales go direct to artists today):

Check out the band in action, live-streaming tonight alongside Gay Witch Abortion (Friday, 8pm ET on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube)!

"Explosive, energetic, vibrant, and yes – primal."
-Big Takeover Magazine

"Learning Curve Records has followed in the footsteps of AmRep, and they’ve built one of the most consistently reliable noise rock catalogs of the past decade. Which brings us to New Primals, an exciting new addition to the label, and a bright spot in modern DIY noise rock. Set to release 'Horse Girl Energy' on March 20th, their full length debut finds the Minneapolis trio equally freaked out and aggravated, as they grapple with identity, acceptance, and primal emotion..."

"While 'Horse Girl Energy' is a unique beast, you can draw some clear parallels from New Primals to post-hardcore and noise rock legends like Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard. There’s even some subtle influences from the ’90s mathcore/metallic hardcore scene in terms of how abrasive some of the band’s riffing gets; think bands like Cave In and Coalesce that ultimately adopted a more rock-oriented sound. Much of their songwriting pops with a certain glam rock and dance punk flair, thanks in large part to an impassioned and varied vocal performance from Sam Frederick. This will surely remain one of the standout albums for noise rock and post-hardcore this year, and I can’t recommend it highly enough."
–Heavy Blog Is Heavy


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