The Grasshopper Lies Heavy "All Sadness Grinning Into Flow"
Learning Curve Records

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy "All Sadness Grinning Into Flow"

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Call it “Post-Hardcore”, “Art Core”, “Post-Metal”, “Amp Worship” - call it whatever you like. The amorphous musical giant known as The Grasshopper Lies Heavy defies typical categorization. The band has released seven albums in five years, all exploring varying musical territories while maintaining a common thread: crushingly heavy wall-of-sound music; sometimes melodic, sometimes atonal, speaker shredding, enigmatic, and emotive. Pushing air and decibel levels into the physical realm and performing almost always on the floor, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy demands all of the audience’s senses, participation, experience, and presence - at once massive but ethereal, enigmatic but unequivocal, delicate but crushing. The band wears two masks; one of an incredibly loud and imposing wall-of-sound approach to heavy rock, and one of introversion and transcendence that takes said heavy rock to planes of the unconscious.


“All Sadness, Grinning into Flow”, the band’s newest full-length record on Learning Curve Records, takes these two countenances and forces them to face each other. The result is utterly breathtaking. More dynamic, intense, emotive, and compelling than their previous works, the listener could draw elements from classic 70’s kraut and psychedelic, 80’s horror scores, 90’s sludge, 00’s post-whatever, and modern heavy rock, while being firmly grounded with an intense live show that demands all of the listener’s senses.