Trigger Cut Buster Vinyl [IMPORT]
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Trigger Cut Buster Vinyl [IMPORT]

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Trigger Cut – Buster LP


Trigger Cut are a new band formed by the members who previously played in Buzz Rodeo, art punk / noise rock band from Germany who were pretty much active for four years, from 2014. till their disbanding sometime in 2018. They left impressive discography behind in their short career such as split material with a band called Peru, Victoria 7”, Sports LP and Combine LP. Trigger Cut is continuing the experimental journey through a beautiful world of noise rock, but there’s a lot more to it. It seems these guys are putting a lot more efforts to go down into experimental waters than staying onto already paved path of their previous band. Guitars are much cleaner, over-distorted and covered with a bit of delay effect which goes great with chunky bass lines and ridiculously good drumming. The guitar sound and riffs itself reminded me a lot of those played by the Gang Of Four on their infamous album called Entertainment!, but not in that copy / paste way. These guys know how to deal with their music,  they’re putting a lot of their ideas into music, but they’re not stopping there. Vocals are transmitting all the raw energy, emotions and rage through oftenly hysterical screams and sorta desperation presented through the singers vocal cords. Trigger Cut are obviously huge lovers of the post-punk, grunge, noise, stoner, sludge music because you can hear the presence of all those genres in their music, but the band is filtering out all of them and express in their own artistic form. Trigger Cut are incorporating only the best of each genre they love and play it with a lot of more energy involved, so whoever loved Buzz Rodeo for their conceptual artworks and music played in such a distinctive art form, will love Trigger Cut as a band even more, because of their visible improvements and upgrades in sound and visual concept. Buster LP comes with a The Musician Brawl, a painting of Georges De La Tour as cover artwork, so that was a change in a concept of a band that I was talking about and I must admit it goes well with Trigger Cut’s music. Vinyl is available directly from a band at their bandcamp page, but you can also purchase a CD or download it for a reasonable price if you are much more into digital music.