Bronson Arm

S/T LP 01/12/2024

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From Kalamazoo, Michigan, Bronson Arm is the partnership of Blake
Bickel and Garrett Yates. Using only voice, drums, and baritone guitar, the pair
hammers out a gloriously minimal racket that penetrates deep. Says Bickel: "I've always
liked the limitations and being forced to attempt to fill a space with only two
instruments. I feel there is an immediacy and focus that can be unique to two-piece
The focus of Bronson Arm can be felt on their Self Titled debutr LP on Learning Curve Records. This is a pressing of 250 on black splatter vinyl. 

1) Pleasure Brea
2) Hard Pass
3) Tedious Company
4) Conscious Confuser
5) His Ilk
6) Drain the Coffers
7) One with the Floor
8) Patsy Ultima
9) Rabbit Starvation
10) The Devil You Know