Great Sabatini Goodbye Audio LP[IMPORT]

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Recorded at Boxcar Sound Recordings by Sean Pearson
Mixed at Antisleep Audio by Scott Evans
Mastered at Saff Mastering by Carl Saff
Additional recording for organs done by Graham Leduc

Organ on Hand of Unmaking by Patrick Bennett
Vocals on Dog Years by Mskwaankwad Manoominii
Backing vocals by Matthew Fleming and Mskwaankwad

Cover photography and graphic assistance by Marisa Parisella
Custom toys and art direction by Seany
Custom toy out lace underwear by Michael Shantz
Band photography by Dave Levitt
Borrowed gear and moral support by Marc Bourgon

Cassette version available through Pink Lemonade Records
Vinyl available through Ancient Temple Recordings, No Why Records and No List Records.