Hands Up Who Wants To Die "Vega In The Lyre" LP

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Hands Up Who Wants To Die is a noisy & dynamic rock band that operates in Dublin, Ireland. One that has been described as 'Big'N and Enablers in a blender', 'the epitome of substance and spectacle combined' and 'all angles and noise, edges and respite, razor riffs, visceral vocals, heinous hooks, yet on the face of it, as smooth as a mirror, as sheer as cliff-face'. It features four active members of Dublin's vibrant independent music scene that play in No Spill Blood, The Bridges of Madison County and Wild Rocket. The band’s vocalist, Barry Lennon, was a founder of seminal record label The Richter Collective.


After an abnormally long gestation period, the band are finally ready to go into labour with their fourth and most considered work to date. This second LP, Vega In The Lyre, sees the band expanding their musical palette while simultaneously exploring wonkier, more delicate and more brutal territories with the help of producer - and arguably fifth band member - John 'Spud' Murphy. Hands Up Who Wants To Die tour regularly in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe and have cultivated a strong European fan base from touring France, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain and beyond. Further tours are booked to support the release of the album this year.


Vega In The Lyre’s release is a collaborative project which was initiated by the band. Several labels are taking part in the release of the album to make sure it can reach audiences across the world. The album will be released in America on legendary label Learning Curve, who have released music by bands including Vaz, Hammerhead, Animal Lover and Gay Witch Abortion. Release in their home country of Ireland is via Art For Blind who have released music by Wölfbait, Rory Francis O'Brien, September Girls and Perfect Pussy. In France via Gabu Records who have released music by B.O.B., Pylone and One Lick Less, in Luxembourg via Whosbrain who have released music by Le Singe Blanc, Don Vito and Gentle Veincut and in England via Triplejump who have released music by Silent Front, Death Pedals and Gorilla Black.