Held Hostage LP 2013


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 records store compilation. Tracks from Cars & Trucks, Dead, Gay Witch Abortion, Hammerhead, Hex Machine, Nerves,  Ouija Radio and Seawhores. Limited edition. red and black vinyl.



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LCR is a one person operation I try to mail out orders weekly. Pleaes email if it's been a minute. contact@learningcurverecords.com

Yes, but shipping is is expensive. We are distributed by Cobraside distribution which has European vendors. Try Flight12.com or sugarandspice.com in Europe.

Sorry. Sometimes versions run out nad the site isn't updated. There are several sales channels and they are not connected. It might have sold out on Bandcamp or at a show. I'll try to do the best to switch your order with the best replacement.

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