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LCR is proud to announce the release of the first full-length album from Oakland's very own REPTOID. Reptoid is a one-man wrecking crew. If you are unaware of the REPTOID experience please.strap in and bring a change of underwear.

REPTOID pushes all the lines well into the red. Aggressive industrial anti-corporate psalms to lead you into the non-future of whatever world order that doesn't exist. 

pressing of 500. 400 color 100 black 


Reptoid is a one-man, industrial influenced noise-rock band from Oakland. The sole member, Jordan Sobolew surrounds himself with an army of drums, homemade fuzz pedals, noise devices and a sampler to produce spastic, hypnotizing rhythms, and painfully amplified sounds drenched in effects through an oversized pedal-board full of odd implements. Growling and groaning vocals are delivered through a mic strapped directly to the face by a modified respirator mask. The intent is to convey frenetic, 3rd eye opening energy.


Reptoid began in 2013 after years of assembling a legion of drum triggered electronics to conduct experiments that would yield the most musically abrasive tones. The outcome would be loud, intense, noisy and weird. Despite being just one man, everything is performed live and without the aid of a computer or backing tracks- delivering a sonic aneurysm that keeps a grip on the listener without delving into pure noise. These combined elements have been known to cause fits of psychosis, trance states, astral projections, spirit blindness, and aural hallucinations in the participants. 

After the 2017 7” EP release of Scum Supreme, The Reptoid found itself contributing the track “CONSUME” to the 14th volume of Amphetamine Reptile Records’ legendary long-running compilation series “Dope Guns and Fucking in the Streets” with past participants such as Jesus, Lizard, Helmet, Melvins, Unsane, etc. 2020 has Reptoid going further down the rabbit hole of loud noise with the debut full length release of WORSHIP FALSE GODS on Learning Curve Records (Multicult, Tongue Party, Vaz, The Blind Shake, USA Nails, etc.,) making it the most focused and revolting release yet.

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