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Scrunchies 3rd LP: pressing. of 500 250 on Sweet-tart purple and 250 on black.

Limited amount of cassettes and compact disks available. 

From Minneapolis, Minnesota, Scrunchies consists of guitarist/vocalist Laura Larson,
bassist Jeremy Warden, and drummer/vocalist Danielle Cusack. Raw, raging and
tuneful, the trio fires off infectious bursts of post-riot grrrl songcraft that land in the
same garage as Mannequin Pussy, Screaming Females, and Sleater-Kinney.
A 2022 review from The A.V. Club hailed Scrunchies' knack for "packing riot grrrl punk,
sneering garage rock, and pummeling post-punk grooves into a singular package
without skimping on earworm hooks." On new album Colossal, the band fully delivers
on that promise; first single "The Empire" rips forth, urgently, raggedly, while the
intertwining vocals of Larson and Cusack soar irresistibly and demand repeated plays.
In Larson's own words, the song is "thrashy, poppy, and grunge-adjacent."
Grunge-adjacent indeed, Colossal was recorded by none other than Steve Albini at
Electrical Audio in Chicago, and features the very same Veleno guitar that was used in
the recording of Nirvana's In Utero. Colossal is an "AAA" production – recorded,
mixed, and mastered entirely with analog gear and tape.
"Working with Steve was amazing," recalls Larson, "not only because of the impact his
work has had on us for the majority of our musical careers, but because from the minute
we walked into the studio it was immediately a comfortable, honest experience. We
trusted him and he trusted us. It meant the world to us to be able to do this project with
him." One of the final works to be created by the revered Albini before his passing this
year, the album was mastered by Greg Obis (Deeper, Dehd).
Colossal is a triumph, but a long road has led here; the members of Scrunchies have
been entrenched in Minneapolis' thriving DIY scene for decades. Notably, Larson was a

member of Minneapolis punks Kitten Forever, whose feminist energy and bass-and-
drums bashing earned tours with the likes of Screaming Females and made a fan out of

queer icon JD Samson. The band's 16-year run came to a close during the making

of Colossal and Larson states that the experience shaped the album: "It is as significant
as a long term relationship ending and exploring that shift is a big part of the content."
The same feminism that fueled Kitten Forever now courses through Scrunchies, but
Larson opts for surreal lyrics instead of overt messaging. ("The Empire" opens with
these abstractly empowering lines: "There’s no chain on the apex / It’s science fiction /
Pass the hours on ascending wire / If it clings to you it’s a parasite.")
"As with all of my projects, feminist themes run throughout the album," says Larson,
"with an exploration of the insidiousness of modern gender expectations, power, bodies,
and a slightly repulsive narrative of womanhood as deli meat made of the magician's
assistant from a sawed-in-half trick... I write lyrics that veer more towards surrealistic
and poetic imagery with the hope that they can resonate with people in different ways
that are impactful to them."
With Kitten Forever and other past projects in the rearview, Scrunchies takes center
stage. Larson, Warden, and Cusack are fully committed and the mighty Colossal is the
result. With a hometown Colossal release show booked for August 24th, the band will
embark on a short US tour in September.
1) Brute
2) Realistic Effect
3) High Pile
4) The Empire
5) Ride
6) Load
7) Carry On
8) Generator
9) Decoder
10) Cherry Valley Cemetery
11) Pressure Shift
12) Within an Inch
13) Wild Geranium
Laura Larson - guitar, vocals
Jeremy Warden - bass
Danielle Cusack - drums, vocals

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