Something Is Waiting "Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion" LP
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Something Is Waiting "Songs For The Sally Beauty Pavilion" LP

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SIW debut LP on Learning Curve Records. Pressing of 500. Limited Color Vinyl. Download Code with purchase.





From Chicago, Illinois, comes the earth-shaking, lightning-strike rock n' roll of Something Is Waiting's sophomore album, Songs for the Sally Beauty Pavilion.

The album is scheduled for a March 29th release on Learning Curve Records.
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On Songs for the Sally Beauty Pavilion (the follow-up to 2017 debut The Something Is Waiting Band), the quintet comes out, guns blazing – like Unsane covering Too Fast for Love, or a juiced-up reincarnation of the early, pre-major label phase of White Zombie, this is urban scum-rock grasping toward a fantasy of LA sleaze.

Like frontman Eddie Gobbo's previous band, Jar'd Loose, Something Is Waiting stands way out from its peers. Most "extreme" bands actually play it quite safe, adhering to strains of extremity that are already deemed to be cool and acceptable. Something Is Waiting waves ten middle fingers at all such safety, opting instead to make the weirdest, most hard-rocking album of 2019. 

Massive, pounding backbeats propel sinister, bluesy riffage, while one of the baddest voices in all of music snarls like Axl at its most pissed, spitting out lyrics that dismantle his various targets, viciously yet poetically. Music scene foibles and other cultural trash fires are the focus of many songs – soulless retro fashions, delusional cover bands, and more. Gobbo is a wordsmith but, make no mistake, he is singing literally and directly about the issues on his mind. When he sings about "Nikki Lane's Neo Nashville Airbnb," he is singing about the time he stayed at Nikki Lane's Airbnb in Nashville.

Songs for the Sally Beauty Pavilion was recorded and mixed by Something Is Waiting guitarist Pete Grossmann at his own Bricktop Recording (Weekend Nachos, Like Rats) in Chicago, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Today Is The Day).

1) Your Vintage Nu Rock Band
2) Lost in Space
3) Fuck in Peace
4) Nikki Lane's Neo Nashville Airbnb
5) Fresh Squeezed
6) Work Husband
7) (We're in a) Tribute Band
8) I Collect Stamps


Eddie Gobbo - vocals
Pete Grossmann - guitar
William Thomas Fay - guitar
Eddie Limperis - bass, vocals
Idin Alexzander - drums


Songs for the Sally Beauty Pavilion (2019, Learning Curve Records)
The Something Is Waiting Band (2017, The Path Less Traveled Records)