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Something Is Waiting

The Something Is Waiting Band LP

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Fancy vinyl reissue of SIW debut LP. Git it now. 


Something Is Waiting
The Something Is Waiting Band
(The Path Less Traveled Records)

It’s too bad that Chicago-based noise rockers Jar’d Loose broke up, but mainman Eddie Gobbo isn’t staying idle for long with this new project, which basically merges noise rock misanthropy with hard rocking swagger.

It’s an unholy hybrid that works quite well on their debut album.

Basically, SIW take stripped down 70’s hard rock riffs, add an in the pocket rhythm section, and allow Gobbo to spit his bile over the top. It’s as if your favorite hard rock band from the 70’s decided to write songs decrying the state of the metal scene and the world.

These songs are filled with disgust, but it’s a disgust you can sing along to, because after a few spins, the hooks will take hold of you, and you’ll find yourself singing the choruses of many of the songs on this disc to yourself.

The song titles give away what is bothering him. “Hippies Become Lawyers” (sell-outs), “Real Estate Cubicle Rock”(bland music) and “Real Frontwomen Wear Ankhs” (the current wave of female fronted occult themed bands), all point to various targets of his ire. It’s done in a very clever, cutting way.

So, if you want some invective filled anthems to brighten your day, you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. Never has being disgusted with the state of world rocked so hard.