The Grasshopper Lies Heavy "Cavern Soundtrack" LP

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Original Score by The Grasshopper Lies Heavy and Bob Catlin

On this recording:
James Woodard - Electric and Bass Guitars, Juno-60, Korg Volcas, Nord Electro, Percussion
Bob Catlin - Acoustic 12-string, Log Bass, Yamaha CS-15, Invented instruments, various fuckery, percussion


released October 8, 2017

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Bob Catlin at Doghouse Audio
Mastered by James Plotkin
Photography by Crissy Rivas
Layout and Design by James Woodard

Dave Sims, the Cavern cast & crew, Rainer @ Learning Curve, BJ @ Crowquill, James Plotkin, everyone who has let TGLH crash on their floor over the years

2017 Canon Imprint