Trigger Cut ROGO LP [IMPORT] vinyl


Don't forget these...


Trigger Cut Second LP import from Germany. 

Yesssssssssssssss! Ralph Schaarschmidt’s Trigger Cut hits again with what might be the most popular yet underground Noise Rock release lately.

Ralph (Mink Stole, Buzz Rodeo) is one of the most beloved internet personalities on some of our frequented forums and his unbridled enthusiasm for all things music has gained him a lot of notoriety. Ralph is active in the Noise Rock scene since the ’90s, so there’s no two minds about his sincerity and devotion to the angular, trebly sound of punk music, inspired by the likes of Shellac of North America, Jesus Lizard, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Cows and… well, most of AmRep’s catalog really.
Trigger Cut’s ROGO is the logical heir of the band Buzz Rodeo, where Ralph and his bandmates explore the unmistakable sound of Noise Rock, combined with witty lyrics. I have to say that I like Trigger Cut even more not only because of the great tunes, but because of amazing dedication to this exact sound and form of music. Some may have thought that exact breed of noisy post punk/hardcore derivate died with our entry in the 2000s, but personalities like Ralph and his power trio prove us wrong. And how so!

After releasing Buster in 2019, their highly anticipated new record ROGO sounds super fresh and is really top quality album. It’s super exciting to see this band has a steady, almost cult-like following throughout the world. I really wish them well and hope to catch them live one day!

First LP pressing is sold out now, but you can still snag the Digipack CD, or fancier, black cover 2nd pressing vinyl from their Bandcamp. Do it now and say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

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