v/a all mangled and deformed


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Years and years in the making, the Hammerhead tribute record All Mangled and Deformed is finally complete! Hammerhead made a permanent mark in what was to become the international noise rock scene with their 90s albums "Ethereal Killer", "Into the Vortex" and "Duh, the Big City". The band returned to form in 2010 and gave good proof that the magic was still there. The future of Hammerhead remains obscure, but Great FallsWe Live in TrenchesThroatSwarmThe ChristpunchersPets or FoodÅrabrot and SUMA have teamed up to ease your Hammerhead deficiency by recording cover versions spanning all the way from Hammerhead's early releases to their post-reunion material. Black vinyl in full colour sleeve with insert. Limited edition of 500 copies.