Vincas "Phantasma" LP


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From Athens, Georgia, Vincas conjure a uniquely Southern brand of death-rock – a thrilling, chilling, Deep South cemetery stomp. The band take cues from the assorted works of H.P. Lovecraft, Howlin' Wolf, and David Lynch, whilst bashing out some of the most macabre post-punk this side of The Birthday Party.

A mix of live and programmed drums propel twangy guitars, distorted bass, and frontman Chris McNeal's nefarious baritone, through ten gleefully dark, cinematic anthems. With song titles like "Until It Rains Red," "The Witch," and "Bury Me Upside Down," Vincas' drama is moonlit, morbid, and lots of fun. The Nick Cave influence is strong, but the setting is a haunted shack on the banks of a Georgia swamp.

McNeal (who also rocks as a member of the renowned Maserati) states: "Pretty much every song on the record is about an unimaginable evil destroying or enhancing a person's life. Just a random horrible or liberating experience." Vampiric lust oozes through lyrics such as "I’ve been here all along / Your body is my home / I’ll build a bed out of your bones" (from "The Witch") and "I’ll crawl through your window / I’ll scratch, let me in / Say the words and let me in" (from "Let Me In").

Gear Gods has described the Vincas sound as "a gunky, noisy form of deathrock, but with a certain Southern twang. Think somewhere in between Creedence Clearwater Revival and Type O Negative." CVLT Nation has named it, "apocalyptic blues... exactly what you’d want to scare the pants off some Bible Belt Southern conservatives."

Phantasma is Vincas' third full-length, following 2013’s Blood Bleeds and 2016's Deep in the Well. The album was engineered by Mike Albanese (Maserati), and mixed and mastered Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk). Newest Vincas member Gene Woolfolk, who joined during the recording of Phantasma, is a member of noise-rock supergroup Plaque Marks.


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